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The Information Security and Assurance Service (ISAS) provided by WMAS has been in operation for nearly ten years, our client list includes national NHS organisations, NHS Trusts, wider public sector and private sector organisations. The following represent a sample of the references and testimonials that recipients of our Cyber Security and IT Assurance services have provided:

A National NHS organisation:
"We are very pleased with the work completed by Gary and his team; we have used them on a couple of occasions in order to perform penetration testing of new websites and the work completed has been to an excellent standard, leaving us confident our websites are secure and safe. The output from the testing is clear and concise, and offers recommendations on how to improve safety, both in terms of best practice and system security. We would not hesitate to use Gary and his team again for future websites."

A Local Government organisation:
"..the report is a very positive thing in that it gave us an independent expert opinion on a subject that we could never have looked at ourselves at such a technical level... highlighted both technical vulnerabilities in our network and cultural shortfalls through the social engineering exercise...the cost of your work was affordable!"

An NHS Mental Health Trust:
"At Trust Name Removed, we have used the cyber security and penetration testing services from WMAS for several years. During this time, I have personally found the service to be professional, flexible and balanced so that as a customer I gain the greatest benefit from our investment. During the planning, execution and review of every test, I feel that I am able to constructively challenge their testers so that credible threats are addressed and the more hypothetical ones a given a lesser priority. This is always done in a way that means that vulnerabilities are reported so our data can be better protected. In the past we have commissioned services from external commercial companies but their reports, at a great cost, were rambling and offered little value or assurance We use WMAS to support our wider information governance and information security agenda and I hope that this arrangements continues into the future."

An NHS Ambulance Trust (not West Midlands):
"The Trust Name Removed has commissioned the Pen Testing Services that Gary and his team at WMAS provides on two occasions now. We have found this to be an extremely professional, efficient and discreet service that is essential for maintaining the Trusts security for external threats. I would certainly call upon these services again in the future.."

An NHS Acute Trust:
"Having just used the penetration testing service I am happy to say that it was a very well planned exercise, the staff conducting the test were helpful and very well informed, the test was conducted with minimal fuss and no disruption. The concluding report was very factual and informative, not only did it tell us what was found but suggested solutions."

An NHS Acute Trust:
"Removed For Privacy... conducted an in depth penetration testing service for our organisation. They tailored the work to our requirements and provided a first class service..."

A New Client - NHS Acute Trust:
"Thanks again for what I see as a very worthwhile exercise and have to commend the tester... this report was very insightful and covered a lot more than previous tests."

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